SSD featured on Preach Jacobs’ blog!

I was excited and honored to see my podcast appear on Preach Jacobs’ blog

Anyone who doesn’t yet know the music of Preach Jacobs’ but loves good hip-hop, follow the link below and treat yourself:

I gotta give my mahalo to Wax Poetics for turning me on to this South Coca-based emcee. His lyrics are refreshingly smart; rhyming about everyday love, life, and struggle: “You learn to fly while you’re falling.” Preach seems not to take himself too seriously, but he is clearly a thoughtful writer. His rhymes oscillate between fun & witty to technical & reflexive. His latest work, “Maple St. Sessions,” was a welcome addition to the ole’ Lacie Rugged. The beats, at times, have that boom-bap, MPC sound I can’t get enough of. At others, it’s smooth & jazzed-out, percussive & funky – and never monotonous. Listening to tracks like “Forest Whitaker,” “Oh Yes,” and “Cool Out,” I enjoy how his flow is dynamic – using pauses and spacing to accentuate the funk. I’m hoping to see Preach rock a show in Honolulu sometime in the near future.

…keep you posted on that!

Here’s one tasty delight:


~ by iokepa on March 2, 2010.

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