Solid State Deluxe

Solid State Deluxe ::: soundtrack for the struggle ::: music for your mind ::: bump for your trunk

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Cookiehead Jenkins, Honolulu, jockey-o-discs. Weekly radio show at KTUH.

Eclectic mixes & delicious sounds of soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat, samba, salsa, boogaloo, beats, blues, breaks, cumbia, reggae, r&b, and hip-hop, new and/or old.

Solid State Deluxe, formerly of the University of Hawai`i–Manoa’s 90.3 FM, KTUH, Honolulu: “Hawai`i’s Only Alternative.” KTUH, Thursdays, 6-9pm.

Solid State Deluxe ::: soundtrack for the struggle, music for your mind, and bump for your trunk.

– chj

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8 Responses to “Solid State Deluxe”

  1. You can email me @

  2. Here at Arata Hawaiian Style Sushi in Big Sky, Montana we luv KTUH but we only roll with Solid State Deluxe!

  3. So Thankful!!

  4. I’ve been following your podcasts for a few years now and without fail, every single time I have people over, they ask me what’s playing. :)

  5. It seems like you fully understand a good deal with regards to this particular subject and
    this shows as a result of this specific article,
    titled “Solid State Deluxe | Soundtrack for the Struggle
    – Music for your Mind – Bump for your Trunk”.
    Thanks a lot -Jay

  6. Great selections! It’s a perfect mix for the sunset hour.

  7. Cookiehead, I miss your KTUH shows so much. They were the soundtrack to my week and they enlivened my soul, especially in the down times. Are there other places where you post your shows or guest spots?

    Missing the groove, but I have some of the past ones.

    Much love from Sydney, Australia.

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